Thursday, January 17, 2013

Employee Favorite Product of the Week!

Product of the Week: Magazine Idea Books

I’m Amy Lutz, the “weekend girl”. I’ve caught the “bug”…and it’s not the one going around. It’s the card making bug! I was always a sewer and a scrapbooker, but I found these Idea books inspiring and daring me to stretch myself! I felt like I didn’t have a concrete enough grasp of the construction with design and layering on a card. These books really show the range, from beginner to expert, what can be done!
These are the first two cards I made using certain aspects of designs I found in the book. I liked the banner idea, but didn’t have a straight stamp so I made it work for this birthday card.

The second notecard was based on the file folder idea. I really love how easily the cards come together and the versatility of each example.

I looked at the multiple examples shown in the book and when I thought about the cost as both an investment and a reference tool, it was a great deal! I will save a good deal of money making my own cards! I hope you are inspired, too

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