Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lori's Product of the Week is......ARTBINS!

 Good Morning Everyone!  Lori here to tell you about my product of the week, it is ArtBins.  I truly love these bins.   I thought I would show you my scrapbook room so you can see how I use them.  For starters though I should show you what an art bin is.

Super Satchel 1 Compartment ArtBin

Why do I love these Artbins so much?  I will tell you.  Artbins are sturdy.  I love that the clips actually hold the bin shut even when I have it really full.  The handle is strong and easy on the hand.  They are the perfect size for 12 x 12" papers.  They stack easily. They hold lots, and I mean lots of paper.  They are so versatile, I use them for lots of other things besides paper.  Here are a few of my Artbins so you can see how I use them.                   

This bin is filled with Mommy cards and notes and homemade presents from my kiddos.  I want to keep them safe and the art bin does that.  It is also big enough to hold all the odd shaped things that come home for me.
 This bin is my work bin.  It is the bin I take back and forth to Scrapdoodles with my class stuff or my hump day layouts.  It is also great when I buy paper I can keep it safe on its way home.
 This bin is fabric.  These are the special fabrics that are not to be cut or played with unless you have clear instruction from me to have it.  (Don't all those Mickeys put a smile on your face!)
 This is a divided ArtBin, perfect for all sorts of embellishments.  This bin is strictly for my Disney stuff.  I keep anything Disney separated out so I can always find a Mickey embellishment when I need one!
This bin  is a project bin.  It is all the paper, embellishments and photos I have pulled to finish my mini-album of New York.

So there you have it.  Artbins are an essential part of my scrapbook room organization.  Now for the big picture.

See how nicely all my bins stack up on  my shelves.  I have a really small space and I need to maximize it to the fullest and ArtBin helps me do just that.  I hope you enjoyed your peek into my space today.  Come by Scrapdoodles and check out the Artbins for yourself.

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