Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonic Trimmers Are Our Favorite Product This Week!

Hello there and welcome to Employee Product of the Week.  My name is Lori and I am going to tell you about my favorite trimmers of all time.  The Tonic Guillotine trimmers!  They come in 2 sizes, the 12” small base and the 6”trimmer, suitable for travel and card making. 

I started seriously scrapping in 2001 after the birth of my daughter.  I started off with a relatively cheap trimmer from the big box store.  I quickly became very frustrated with it.  If you don’t use the exact same pressure all the way down the paper it cuts crooked, if you aren't using a new blade every other day, it comes out crooked.  I felt like I was getting ripped off constantly buying new blades.  I would buy them in bulk so that I would always have new ones available.  I was spending so much money!  

Years of frustration pass…. there must be a better trimmer out there!  A trimmer that cuts straight and doesn't need new blades all the time.  Enter the Tonic.  I wasn't working for Scrapdoodles at the time, but I came in searching for an end to my trimmer problems.  I found the Tonic Trimmer and fell in love.  It doesn't require replacement blades or sharpening.  The detachable arm makes measuring 6” - 12” cuts a breeze.  Plus as an added bonus, the arm stores underneath along with the handle to make for easy packing so you can bring the Tonic with you wherever you scrap!  The blade arm will not cut you, I have tried!  I have kids at home and safety has to come fist because my scrapbooking area is not childproof!  I have personally had the 12” trimmer for about 5 years, maybe 6.  It is my faithful and trusted companion that I cannot scrapbook without. 

The smaller 6” trimmer is perfect for the card maker and the photo cropper.  It has all the same wonderfulness (is that a word?) that the larger one has.  It cuts straight every time and does not require replacement blades either.  You cannot go wrong with a Tonic!  Stop by the store and let me show you how great they are.


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Thank you so. Word of user helps me find excellant product.