Thursday, February 14, 2013

Employee Favorite Product of the Week!


I LOVE STORAGE! I love organizing, and keeping all my scrapbook things neat, organized, and protected. Artbin has some fabulous storage products - from the classic Artbin to hold projects, and paper; to paper holders, to marker storage. My newest favorite from Artbin is their brand new Magnetic Die Storage bin. It comes with locking handles - so no accidental spills. It also has sturdy magnetic sheets that hold the dies in place. I was surprised and thrilled with how many dies I could fit in these bins. The storage bin comes with 3 magnetic sheets and you can purchase additional sets of 3 - I have 4 refill sets in each of my bins and I can easily fit a few more. FINALLY - a sturdy, well thought out, and affordable system for storing dies!


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