Thursday, November 8, 2012

Employee Favorite Product of the Week!

Twine! So simple and inexpensive what is not to love! Scrapdoodles has plenty of color choices by the spool or by the yard we can get you stocked up! We have all see it used to wrap pictures or add a little something to a card by wrapping it and adding a bow. Another favorite is to make a banner with twine or attach a button with it. How about sewing a border with some fun colorful twine or using it to hang an embellishment like my fish. Snaz up your celebration page with balloons using twine as the string. I had fun making my own embellishment with twine for my bowling page. I really could have gone crazy with that one...I was thinking a snowman would have been super cute using that same idea! One of my favorite ideas I saw online was a title written in cursive using twine. You really can go on and on with clever uses for twine and we are here to help get you started! Hope to see you in the store soon!


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