Thursday, November 15, 2012

Employee Favorite Product of the Week

Tiny Attacher

I love my Tiny Attacher - or as my friend calls it my "stupid little stapler". When I first bought it she said - it's just a little stapler, why spend that money on something you can get for 5 bucks at an office store? But then at a crop she asked me to borrow it .... then asked again.... and again.... after the 10th time she smiled at me and said - hey can I borrow your stupid little stapler again? with a smile on her face.

I like it because first of all the staples are little and cute ;) But also the stapler has an easy one handed grip - so you can hold your project with one hand and staple with the other. The stapler also has a long reach compared to most small staplers. Lastly it is also a great way to adhere things when adhesives either aren't practical or won't look right.

Ideas for using the Tiny Attacher: Staple accordian folded piece of paper when making rosettes, staple bits of ribbon or paper to layouts/tags, use staples as a vellum adhesive, staple to adhere ribbon - whether flat or scrunched up. Staple ephemera, journaling boxes, embellishments - just anything that you need to attach!!!

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