Thursday, October 11, 2012

Employee Favorite Product of the Week!

These Aged and Shabby Embossing Enamels will give your creations a dynamic, Fran•táge effect and provide a gorgeous alternative to solid, single colored embossing powders. Made of chunky and varying granule sizes, this powder will melt in interesting ways. These impressive embossing enamels can be heated from underneath to preserve the variations of granule sizes, or heated from above to give an alternate smooth, dynamic look. Sprinkle them across your projects and add glitters, micas or color fragments before heating from beneath.

In the picture below I used the Aged Embossing Enamels to create custom mosaic tiles for my layout. I then created my own custom page title by embossing plain white letters cut from my electronic die cut machine, resulting in a perfect match and final touch to my layout.

The powders come in a variety of colors, more than I can justify getting myself at this time! With the ones I own already, I created the chart below to display in Scrapdoodles. Come check them out in person to see the beautiful touches these embossing enamels can give to any project you may be working on.


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