Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pat's Favorite Product

Hi All! Pat here. I am a tool geek. I love scrapbooking tools of all kinds.  Today, I would like to share with you one of my must have tools for all my paper crafting projects.  The tool is the Quickstik by Lifestyle Crafts.  I usually call it, “my pokey thing”, lol.

I love this tool because it is actually 3 tools in 1!  With my arthritis, I have a difficult time placing small pieces where I want them to go.  This tool helps me to accomplish that task with relative ease.

The Quickstik breaks apart into 2 pieces.  One piece has a sticky tacky tip, used to pick up beads, gems, small pieces of paper, or any small embellishment.  Don’t twist the cap with the green sticky tack. Just pull the cap off.  The second piece has 2 ends; a pointed end and a straight edge. The pointed end is used to poke out those tiny little circles on die-cuts, and to help place small gems in place while using the sticky tacky tip.  Use the straightedge to push the piece into place.  Easy peezy. Look at the pictures to see how easy placement can be accomplished.
Poking out small pieces

Picking up gem piece

Placing gem piece

I also use this tool to hold paper in place while gluing backs of letters, so that I don’t get my fingers all sticky.  

The Quikstik by Lifestyle Crafts.  Try it!

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