Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Inspiration Courtesy of Cosmo Cricket

By now you have all realized that I am an all at once kind of poster. Nothing for a couple of days than BAM! here it all is! lol Anyway, I am playing catch up getting everything posted and know I have plenty more I should be posting but as I was checking out everyone else's blogs I found some great inspiration over at Cosmo Cricket's bog. (check our sidebar for the link) This candle was made using their rub-ons! Julie's tip "is just to start at one end and go all the way to the other. Don't start in the middle and work out because it's a little tricky to hold the rub-on onto the candle since it has to curve. If you start on one end, you only have to hold down that part until you see the color change letting you know it's adhered to the candle."
Julie will be teaching this box, too. Here are her instructions:
If you'd like to make a Keep Out! Box of your own, here's what to do:
1. Cover lid of box. The top piece is 2" x 4.5". The Sides are 4.5" 1". After you adhere the paper, tie with matching ribbon.
2. Cover body of box. The side pieces measure 5.5" x 1.75". The front and back measure 5.5" x 4.5". For the front of the box, use double-stick adhesive around the perimeter of the paper. Before placing the paper down, run a bead of glue around the window of the box. Then place paper.
3. Use a craft knife to make two perpendicular (+) slits in the window of the box. Then tear and roll paper outward.
4. Cover Grumpy Ol' Bear with matching diecut. Cut paper for belly and hand write "Keep Out".
5. Use a liquid adhesive on the legs of the bear, then with lid removed, place the bear's legs down through the window, using other hand inside box to press it into place.
6. Make up some cute cards using these examples from Debbie Olson and myself, or invent your own. Or, forget the cards and fill with chocolate or other important belongings!

Also from Julie "Now, for a slick trick. Jenni Bowlin sent us this fabulous project using our Haunted Diecuts and matching Blackboard. I think these would be perfect for party favors, stuck in cupcakes. Hmmmmm, did I just mention cupcakes?"
Enjoy your three day weekend!

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