Friday, October 10, 2008

CSI: Crop Scene Investigations!

A Conspiracy to Create
From: Scrapdoodles
To: All Deputy Crafters (that’s you!)

A crime of crafting has been committed and we need the assistance of our community of Deputy Crafters to participate in a Crop Scene Investigation.

Evidence was found at a recently abandoned crop scene that indicated that a crafting crime had taken place. Your help is needed to find out who participated in this Conspiracy to Create! We have several suspects detained. Be cautious…all suspects are armed and creative!

A full scale investigation will culminate on November 15th at Scrapdoodles Precinct and is designed to detain our suspects so they can confess their method of operation on how they create the best papercrafts possible.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! All Deputy Crafters may register at . Please select Scrapdoodles as your Precinct. Deadline for registration is November 10th.

Okay…here it is in “regular speak”. EK Success is sponsoring a Customer Appreciation Day on November 15th. Mark your calendars, and come into Scrapdoodles for a fun day of make-n-takes and more. We will also be hosting a 13 hour marathon crop starting at 11am until 12am for $35 which includes dinner, prizes & more.

When you register at you have an opportunity to win daily prizes from EK Success and you will receive email updates and clues leading up to the November 15th Customer Appreciation Day.

So, Deputies…here are your orders:
Register now at and select Scrapdoodles as your Precinct!
Attend Customer Appreciation Day November 15th at Scrapdoodles Precinct!
Craft hard and have fun!

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