Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stamping Basics Class

Stamping Basics is back!  If you've ever been curious about which inks to use, which paper is best to stamp on, and simple techniques that make stamping easier then this is the class for you!

Stamping Basics will start with a lecture and a hand out to help you keep everything you need to know about stamping straight.  I'll bring samples of my inks, stamps, and papers to demonstrate everything we talk about.  Class will finish by making a card so you can have some hands on experience with acrylic stamps, inks, and coloring.

Here is the sample we will be creating in class:

Wild Zebra Card 1

Here are the class details:

Stamping Basics
Saturday, February 8th
To Bring: pencil for notetaking, adhesive, scissors, and any questions you may have about stamping

So if you've ever had questions about stamping, this class is perfect for you!  Hope to see you there- be sure to stop by or call the store to sign up today!


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Marcy said...

like the card.