Thursday, April 11, 2013

Copics are Michele's Favorite This Week!

My favorite product this time around is Copic Markers!   

I have loved to color since I was a little girl- the huge box of 64 crayons was always a favorite gift for me.   I loved all the colors and shading by pressing harder or softer when coloring.   As a grown up I still love to color but now I mostly use my Copics!

I fell in love with Copics (pronounced "cope-icks") when we first started carrying them - I love the huge variety of colors but more than that I love how easy they are to blend!   I feel like they made my coloring look much better than it really is

Coloring for me is a stress reliever and mostly just for fun - and while I have created cards with them mostly I just color in my personal Copic coloring book!    I made this book (using my WRMK Cinch) using Copic paper and a few printouts from the Internet.  

I keep a log of the color chart, color combos I like, and stamped images - some are mine, some are friends' stamps, some are samples from online.   I also have a sheet of acetate that is removable so I can place it behind whatever image I am working on so it doesn't bleed through.

I also happen to be one of the Copic teachers at the store - so I get to share my love of Copics and teach others how fun they are!!!!!


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