Thursday, March 14, 2013

Silhouette Heat Transfer Material

Hi everyone!  It’s Rachael, and I can’t wait to talk to you about one of my new favorite products, Silhouette’s Heat Transfer Material.  Heat Transfer Material is used with a digital cutting machine.  It is made specifically for the Cameo, but can be used in other machines, like the Cricut, as well. 

I love to make custom t-shirts for my children.  I also love to make custom onesies as baby shower gifts.  Heat Transfer Material is perfect for these projects.  Simply choose an image or phrase to cut out, create a mirror image of it in your design software, then follow the directions on the box to load the Heat Transfer Material into your machine.  After your image is cut, you peel the excess material away, and place the image on your shirt.  A little ironing later and Voila!, a custom creation that will be a hit.  Here’s an example of a shirt I made for my daughter for President’s Day:

You can iron heat transfer material onto many different fabrics, so the project ideas are endless, hats, bags, favors for parties, the list goes on an on.  Stop by the store today and check out our selection of colors and styles, and get busy working on all those fabulous ideas in your head!

Happy crafting!

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