Thursday, December 13, 2012

Employee Favorite Product of the Week!

Liquitex light modeling paste

Liquitex light modeling paste was designed to be mixed with acrylic paints so artists can add texture to their work.

BUT…I don’t use it that way. BECAUSE…I am NO artist! LOL.

I used the paste with stencils!

The card was made using a metal stencil. Using my craft mat, I taped the stencil edges to the paper IMPORTANT: Use heavy weight paper. With my spatula, I scooped some paste from the container, and plopped it on the top portion of the stencil. And just like frosting a cake, using the spatula at 45degree angle, gaps.

Carefully remove stencil, and lightly sprinkle some fine glitter over the paste. Heat set with your embossing heat tool. Be careful not to burn the paper. OR, you can allow to dry overnight. The paste hardens overnight. I happen to like how the paste bubbles with heat set. I smash the bubbles with my fingers and create a cool texture. Heat set only dries the paste to the touch, but it is still soft…However, the drying process is faster with the heat set.

For the Christmas House, I used a flexible “masking” stencil for the brick work. After the same process as above, I used distress markers to color in the brick, and free handed the roof top.

Other coloring mediums include acrylic paint, copic markers, ink stains, dabber paints, and ink pads. A little experimentation is all“it takes.

So, don’t throw away those metal stencils. Try using the modeling paste, and have some fun!


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