Thursday, September 27, 2012

Employee Favorite Product of the Week

One of my favorite products is 6x6 paper pads. Most paper lines now-a-days comes with a cute 6x6 pad that contains multiple sheets of patterned paper that are the same as the 12x12 paper. The difference is that the print of the 12x12 has been made small enough to fit on the 6x6 sheet. It is perfect to mount pictures for your layouts, card making, perfect size for mini albums and small projects. Another thing I like about the 6x6 paper pads is that in general, I do not tend to use the entire 12x12 sheet. I feel I am left with tons of scraps that I end up throwing away. The pad, consisting of small sheets, allows me to pick and choose papers as I wish without making a mess and wasting paper. The best part is that its all in a book form. Easy storage and I can pull out paper as I see fit. I have become simply addicted to buying these pads because they are just so versatile! I can not resist them. :) {Carley}

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