Monday, September 13, 2010

Wow, this summer has flown by... and it's time to think about the upcoming holidays. Here are a couple of ideas using the new TENSeconds Studio molds. This is a layout using the Day of the Dead mold. I know what you are thinking "I would never use that." But, if you have halloween pictures... don't be so quick to judge. The shrine makes a perfect frame for your little witches or ghouls. And imagine a border of the little crosses with RIP on them, or the skulls all lined up.

Okay, now for Christmas. This is the perfect mold if you ask me. I love the snowflakes, which are so great for cutting out and using as embellishments. The other side has an amazing selection of holiday bits... love those topiaries, and the poinsettia, and the ornaments. You get the point. For the next layout I used Appletini, Poison Ivy, Peacock and Gold Nugget metals and a picture of me with my favorite aunt and uncle (circa 1973).

What about the other molds? I have some ideas for those, too. A mix of elements from the girl and boy molds.

Lastly, A picture of a sweet flower girl can be accented with flowers cut from the girly mold and layered over the poinsettia, totally different look. I'm working on a few more things and will post when they're done.

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