Thursday, August 5, 2010

Karen Foster & Imaginisce

Karen Foster STATE-Ments
Remember those super cute and super tiny license plates from Karen Foster? Well if you loved those you are going to flip for her newly designed STATE-ments! Each state is about an inch and a half with a design unique for each state. We got the entire display, more Virginia & Washinton DC are on their way! These make great additions to your travel scrapbook pages and mini albums.


The Apple Cider Collection ~ This fall's got it all: glowing mosaic stickers, textured denim stickers, and handy paper pads in all their yummy designs.  It all feels so warm-so cozy-so delicious! I hope autumn lasts all year long! (Let's have another caramel apple!)

The Cottage Christmas Collection ~ Won't you please come to my cottage for Christmas? Just hop on a sleigh through the friendly woods to my peppermint stick door.  A little gnome will show you the way!

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