Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We had a blast at ScrapPink! Two days of cropping, lot's of good food and terrific company! Everyone went home with a prize or two, too!

We truly enjoyed Kathleen Reid's visit, she is an incredibly talented and sweet woman. Many of her books flew out the door and I've heard from several people already how much they have enjoyed reading her book! We have a handful of books left for purchase that Kathleen graciously signed.

Kathleen with Michelle & Julie. We were so excited to see Michelle (and Julie of course!), Michelle drove in from West Virginia for the event.

Thank you all for the many wonderful auction items. $406 was raised just from the auction alone and will be donated to ScrapPink.
Rappaport Leasing allowed us to hold our event in the empty space next to our store which allowed us to spread out and have more croppers!

Mmm, mmm, we had a lot of yummy food.
Cindy was a little hungry....

Me and Laurie.
Monique made it after a long day at work. We were so happy to see her! It's not ScrapPink with out Mo!
My two donut buddies ;-)
Virginia and Kelley ~ thank you for bringing the extra tables!
The Scrap Pack Buddies ~ Kristen and Camisha (wish you were here, too, Sarah!)
Many more photos and lot's of great moments were had by all.


Rooster said...

I had a really great time at this crop, everyone was really nice. me and my two croppin buddies enjoyed our stay. The food was so delicious, and the time spent together was amazing too. if you weren't able to be there you missed a great crop, so go ahead and be ready to show up for next year. I'll see you there!

Emily Bunch said...

I miss you guys tons! Hopefully I'll make it next year!!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time! I'm ready for the next one, but I guess I should unpack from this one first.

Hope to see you Saturday.


Cindy said...

OMG i was in total cropping attire..i had a bad hair day & all...OMG, oh you are so gonna get it from me...LOLOL!