Thursday, July 17, 2008


SEI came out with six new lines. Most were not ready to really look at other than the papers. Windsor (above) is beautiful. Flocked, shimmer and foil, lots of earthy colors.
Alpine Frost is another favorite, very traditional but deep colors not bright, they are varnished, foiled and glittered.
Halloween was not ready to preview fully. The paper is supposed to be "varnished".

The one above is Black Orchid, very pretty and bright, in limes & turquoise.
I also loved Oasis, of course the pics are sideways (will fix that tomorrow!) soft oranges, turquoises and olives - warm colors versus the cooler colors or Black Orchid.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Heather M! LOVE the SEI lines!!!

Crafty Girl Designs said...

Thanks for posting! I am already drooling at the possibilities!!


Cindy said...

gosh, SEI never fails us..YUMMY, ok i really need to go running before get to comfy checkin out all these new goodies!