Monday, March 28, 2011

NEW! From Silhouette!

Adhesive Cardstock

Silhouette adhesive cardstock makes it easier than ever to cut words and shapes in intricate detail without worrying about adhesive. You can even cut adhesive cardstock without a cutting mat for an easier and quicker project. All paper packs contain 16 sheets of grassclotch textured adhesive-backed cardstock. Use the pick-me-up tool with adhesive-backed cardstock for easier removal of cutout designs.

Premium Vinyl

Premium vinyl has a stronger adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. It's gentle enough for most indoor walls, but resilient enough to withstand the sun and weather. Premium vinyl comes in rolls 9 inches by 10 feet long (frosted vinyl is 9 inches by 4 feet).
Sewable Fabric Interfacing

Silhouette sewable interfacing has a thinner adhesive allowing you to temporarily iron your cutout designs to your project while you sew or stitch them. Contains 17" x 36" of interfacing.

Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing

Silhouette clean cut interfacing has a stronger adhesive for a cleaner cut and less fraying over time. Use clean cut interfacing for projects that don't need to be washed or that can be hand-stitched.

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