Sunday, August 17, 2008

BasicGrey is HERE!

EVA (exotic and dignified) Marie Antoinette famously said, "Let them eat cake," but BasicGrey days, "Let them have Eva!" A noble, new line of products, Eva is reminiscent of the French court-a mix of the exotic and the dignified, the gracious and the gallant. Let Eva add a posh touch to your next project. OFFBEAT (quirky. unusual. different.) That's Offbeat, the eccentric, unpredictable collection that marches to its own drummer. Unexpected, radical and unconventional--you never know where Offbeat will take you.
AMBROSIA (citrus-injected with a zesty finish) that's the taste of the new Ambrosia. Ready for something sweet? Try this line that blends delicate details with splashes of blazing red, orange, and gold. Irresistibly good, graceful and bold, help yourself to a little Ambrosia.
Papers, paper packs, 6x6 pads, Alpha stickers, mini-monograms, rub-on tools- precision file sets in stock now. Rub-ons, stamps, chip stickers, brads - shipping in early September.

Granola & Urban Prairie shipping in October.

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