Tuesday, May 6, 2014

60% off Most Merchandise

The discount is 60% off the following: Regular and clearance priced merchandise* and Accucut dies. Games, toys, comic books and graphic novels are also available for sale at 60% off of marked price.

Adhesive is at 30% off regular price and class kits are  30% off. 

New product that has arrived (New Dina Wakley mixed media is 20% off.)

Photos of additional fixtures for sale are now at the front counter (this includes many glass enclosed counters/fixtures along with gridwall.) We still have classroom supplies, small racks and a few oversized racks for sale. They are priced as marked with no additional discounts. There are a few items that we are taking bids on such as the train table, television and cash wrap.

Fixtures are sold on a first come basis, however, you will not be able to pick them up until they are empty. We will be taking customer names and phone numbers for each rack/fixture sold and will call you with a time frame to come pick them up. Each customer will be responsible for removing and transporting their purchases.

Fixtures/paper racks, excess store supplies will be sold as marked. We will no longer be taking product requests or selling gift cards. We will be unable to hold product, everything will be sold on a first come basis. Please use your existing gift cards as soon as possible. Rewards are no longer earned or available for use. All sales are final.

Please note that we will be closing on Friday and Saturday night at 7pm.

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Patty E said...

Hi, I'm planning to visit the store tomorrow- Saturday, May 10th. Are you still open? I'm trekking down from NoVA and didn't want to make the trip if you are not. Thx!