Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introducing the Letterpress by L

Yesterday, QuicKutz introduced a brand new product line. The Letterpress from Lifestyle Crafts, or simply "L", is affordable and fun for any home crafter!

The paper that is used is actually "fluffy", enabling the front to be debossed (and filled with ink) and the back to be perfectly flat. For example, if you letterpressed the front of a would see the design on the front, but when you open it up, you cannot see any's completely flat.

The Epic Six is the tool that you need to letterpress. A letterpress starter kit would include everything else you need to get started, including the paper, ink and printing plates (along with other items).

For the complete line of Letterpress items, click here to see them along with their prices.
If you are unfamiliar with letterpressing, there's a wealth of information on the web about it. You will note that letterpressing is typically a very expensive and labor intensive project. Thanks to QuicKutz, it is not only affordable, but it's something we can easily do from our homes! Just think of the Christmas cards, wedding invitations, notecards, business/calling cards and other fun things you can make with it. Personally, I see several people in my family getting personalized note cards for Christmas! And, for those who like to make an extra dollar on the side, you could very easily make sets to sell or take custom orders. Just think of the possibilities...

Below are the basic steps. QuicKutz has a video that puts it all in perspective, so hopefully they'll be posting that on their blog sometime soon.

Be sure to check out all the fun stuff on their website. If you have ANY questions about the Letterpress by L, please let us know!

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