Friday, June 13, 2008

Now that school is over...

Here are some ideas for layouts ~

First Day/Last Day photos - Compare a picture of them on their first day of their current grade and on the last day. Note the changes.
If you have any photos of the them with their teacher(s), have them write a little something about their teacher and their experiences with him/her.
Have your child dictate their experience in this particular grade or have them write it themself!

Ask them what they learned, what their favorite thing was, who their friends are, what they liked to do, etc.
Don't forget their friends! An important part of any child's school experience is their friends. Take photos of your child with some of their best friends and do a layout with them.
This photo was taken last June when Mckenna turned 9, tonight is her 10th b-day party. I can't believe how much she has grown in a year!

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KhrisW said...

Happy Birthday to Mckenna!
Happy Birthday to Mckenna!

Happy Birthday to Mckeeeennnnnaaaa!
Happy Birthday to you..... and many more......!

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!